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Our Story

Inspired by vintage designs in sports and pop culture, we use the t-shirt as a canvas to express our love and pride for Ohio. From the garment & fabric to the design & print, we're focused on every detail to give you a look that's fresh, clean, and something we call, KRISP!

Every story starts somewhere. This one begins with just a kid from Ohio who always dreamed of building something of his own. He got to work and drafted a plan to start his own business. The plan was to "sell what you know" by creating a clothing brand focused on his home state of Ohio. Through days of going over every detail, sample fabrics and learning the art of screen printing, the clothes came to life!

The best thing about Ohio is the hometown feel within every city and we keep that sacred in our company's culture. We at Krisp are proud to be a small business. We represent Ohio, our home, the pride of the midwest, and the hard-working friendly attitude that comes with it.

We come to work everyday doing a job that we love, surrounded by the people we love. We don't that for granted.

Thank you for coming along this journey with us.


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